We are not extravagant people. We do not have flash cars, rarely take holidays and it’s pretty unusual to see us in new outfits, so how can we reduce our outgoings in order to save enough money for a deposit on a property for Studio Faire?

One of our biggest monthly expenses is our rent and we realise now that we have paid thousands and thousands of pounds over the years towards someone else’s mortgage, so this was our first consideration for a way to spend less. We realised we should move to a cheaper house and put the extra into savings for the deposit. It seemed a bit daft to look for a new rental in Scotland, as it was France we are aiming for so we have now found a place to rent that is £172 cheaper per month (Read about the house hunt here).


As this house is in a village, and we will both be working from home, we can also manage with one car.


And, being in France, our wine budget will automatically reduce by half!!!

It’s a win win all round I reckon and we are off in just 5 weeks… yikes!