How fabulous for Studio Faire to be selected for a feature about the six best Writers Retreats in the March/April edition of Poets & Writers Magazine!

Here’s a wee taster below, but to read the full article you can buy this issue here.


Poets & Writers Magazine, March/April 2024


International Retreats for Writers
By Emma Komlos-Hrobsky, senior editor at Poets & Writers Magazine.

‘… Every year writers make their escape to dozens of retreats abroad, in locations that span the globe and awaken new possibilities in their work. For those who find it nearly impossible to set aside their responsibilities and give undivided attention to a manuscript, an international retreat can be just the right opportunity for their writing to flourish, putting miles, if not oceans, between their creative practice and the obligations of everyday life. But an international writing retreat can offer much more than distance at which to write productively. Time spent abroad can loosen creativity, push work in new directions, or offer a space of sanctuary in which to fully commit to a project, keeping just its ideas for company, unclouded by expectation or concern for how others will receive it. Such a retreat is a gift for both you and your work….

Consider this your invitation to imagine the wildest possibilities for your writing and contemplate such a trip for yourself…

At the retreat [Studio Faire], the pace of your days is completely your own. “We support residents to develop their own routine in whatever way will carry their creative pursuits forward best,” says Julia Douglas, who co-owns Studio Faire with her husband, Colin Usher. “For some this will mean a calm walk by the river in the morning mist, followed by a coffee and croissant in the town, before getting down to an intensive period of focus on their writing project. For others the morning routine starts by opening up the shutters to fill the workspace with beautiful light, then, with a steaming mug of tea at their side, they are ready to write, only venturing out later to stretch and explore the old town’s secret avenues, when the sun is high in the sky. Whatever the routine, it almost always ends together with fresh salad, cheese, wine, and laughter around the table in the beautiful garden.”…’