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Studio Faire is a contemporary residency space in Southwest France, run by Scottish couple Julia Douglas and Colin Usher. Since welcoming its first residents in April 2018 (and despite a closure of 17 months due to the pandemic), Studio Faire has already hosted over 120 residencies, all carefully selected from four times as many applications. Residents have traveled from all over the world to spend a few weeks working on their creative projects, in this 1830’s mansion house, situated in the historic town of Nérac.

‘Everything about Studio Faire facilitates creative expression and creative rest.’ Jen Thorpe, 2019

Studio Faire’s offer may sound simple (designated time, a change of pace, and a supportive, safe, and suitable space to create), but Julia and Colin have witnessed the positive impact this moment has had on the development of the resident’s work and, in many cases, their mental health and future quality of life.

‘Maybe this is something that should be available on prescription…’ Frances Ryan, 2019

At this point in time Studio Faire is able to accommodate four subsidised self-funded residencies at a time (one fine artist and three writers, makers or musicians, all subsidised by the income generated by the co-owners through additional work), but Studio Faire has ambitions to expand to be able to offer six residencies at a time, alongside creative learning programmes for people in the local community, by improving accommodation (renovating an additional bedroom and bathroom) and studio spaces (renovating a derelict barn).

They also aim to offer funded Residency Fellowships for those who do not have the ability to self-fund, and this is where you come in!

‘The experience will resound in my life and work for years to come; I am certain of it.’ Michelle Lewis, 2022

Please support Studio Faire at this critical time and help it reach its full potential as a residency venue.

1300€ will create a ‘Fellowship’ to cover the accommodation costs for a two-week residency for an individual resident respectively.

All those who support Studio Faire will receive biannual updates on developments and an acknowledgement of your support on the website’s funders page. Patrons willing to donate a full Award amount will be offered naming rights for the Award, are welcome to be involved in the selection process, or state specific interests or requirements should they wish.

‘It goes far beyond providing a room to sleep and work in. The exchanging of ideas and personal histories, storytelling and music…we had it all…. It is opportunities like these, and the people who provide them, that we should be grateful for in the quest for creative revelations. And I very much am.’ Deborah Whitney, 2019

Once again, we invite you to support Studio Faire’s ongoing story, propelling it forward to the next chapter, the one in which it reaches its full potential as a hub for international collaboration, the generation of new ideas, creative breakthroughs and unique developments.

Support Studio Faire and its Future Residents

Benefactors will be helping the organisation and its residents build on an existing record of excellence. They will be aiding the growth of the organisation and the development of new ideas and outcomes.

They will benefit from knowing that their support is providing an opportunity for a creative practitioner to focus on their project, without financial limitations, away from their normal daily stresses and strains, in a supportive environment.

Patrons will receive biannual updates on developments and an acknowledgement of your support in our quarterly newsletter and on the website’s funders page.


Donators : 5€ or more as a one off donation

Supporters : 25€ annual subscription

Friends : 250€ annual subscription 

Patrons : 2,000€ or more as a one off donation or annual subscription


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Thank you!

Julia Douglas and Colin Usher

Studio Faire Co-founders