Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a residency?

We welcome applications from all types of creative practitioner (artist, designer, maker, writer, musician, actor, film maker, dancer, … ). We consider a practitioner to be a person who is actively engaged in their creative practice as a profession, either part time or full time.

What is the primary language spoken at the premises?

English. The hosts are from Scotland, so English is their first language. They also speak intermediate French.

What work equipment do you have available for use?

Pin boards

Trestle tables

Tabletop easel


Travel easel

Cutting mat

Staple gun

Metre rule

Basic hand tools (screwdrivers, hammer, etc.)

Electric mouse sander


Sewing machine (old but functional!)

Iron & ironing board

Can I buy materials nearby or have them delivered before I arrive?

Yes, you can buy many materials nearby and we will send you details about what you can buy and where prior to your arrival.

You can also order online and have items delivered from:

Are there any banned materials?

Materials or processes which may cause physical illness or initiate fires are not permitted for use at Studio Faire, this includes toxic pigments, spray paints or flammable or combustible products.

Please do not bring any of the following products to Studio Faire:

Paints that contain arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, or mercury. These are toxic to you, the other residents and the environment.

Spray paint, which is flammable and produces very strong fumes.

Mineral spirits, paint thinner, linseed oil, oil paints, gamsol, turpenoids, or other flammable or combustible material (please check the label!). These are all potential fire starters.

How do you select applicants?

We only have the space to select around one in four applicants, so select applicants based on their experience, quality of work, project outline, character and compatibility with any other residents staying at the same time. All of these are equally important to us. Providing external links to websites and/or social media are particularly helpful in providing additional information to help us know you better.

Is the venue in a rural or urban location?

Studio Faire is situated very near the centre of a town with around 7,000 inhabitants. It is a beautiful historic town with a castle, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, cafés, swimming pool, weekly farmer’s market and more. The location is ideal for residents, as it offers them the opportunity to be fully independent, whilst still enjoying the expansive green space of over an acre at the rear of the property.

How do I get to Studio Faire?

See our page: Getting Here

Can you offer a quiet space to work?

The property sits on the main road into Nérac from the North, so there is traffic noise and, as the residencies are mixed discipline, some residents may make noise in order to create their work. Because of these two factors, complete silence cannot be offered.

Where do the hosts live?

Julia, Colin and their pets live alongside the residents in the main house, sharing all of the communal spaces.

Are guests, partners, children, or pets welcome?

Studio Faire is not suitable for resident’s guests, children or pets.

We only welcome residents who will be working on their creative project whilst in residence. Creative couples may apply to stay together in our self contained apartment ‘Faire Deux’. The couple can be working collaboratively or each have their own individual project. Each applicant should apply independently.

We do not host holiday makers, as we find having visitors here who are on not working changes the atmosphere and make it harder for people to get on with what they’ve come here to do. Create! 

All of our residents have been carefully selected and vetted in advance of their visit, and given written and oral instruction about how the household works and our expectations of the residents. This is for the safety and security of everyone and everything. Residents guests will not have received this information.

The residents in the main house all share one bathroom at present and we do not like to ask that they share it with more (We do have a second resident’s bathroom we are renovating now!).

The house has not been set up with children in mind and therefore, may not be safe for them. We also feel that they could be a distraction from the working environment we aim to nurture.

As one dog and two cats already live at the property, resident’s pets are not welcome. We never allow any animals into the residents rooms as some may be allergic to them.

Are collaborative groups welcome?

Yes, we are able to host groups of two or three, providing we have two or three of our spaces available at the same time. Prices are per applicant and each applicant must apply independently, stating that they will be working together on the form.


Are meals provided?

No, all residencies are offered on a self-catering basis, with a shared kitchen providing basic equipment. There are specialist food shops and a supermarket within walking distance

Are workspaces private?

The Bureau, The Garden View Room and The Usher Hall are all completely private spaces. 

The ‘Garage studio’ is only offered to one artist at a time, however, it is not a private space as other residents will pass through this space whilst travelling from their bedroom to the rest of the property. This space also houses the resident’s fridge and the washing machine (which is usually used overnight).

Do you offer funded residencies?

Studio Faire will be awarding four Residency Fellowships over 2025 & 2026. We are now inviting applications for the first two of these. Deadline: 31 March 2024. FIND OUT MORE

You may also be able to fund your own residency by applying for a grant from your local arts council. We are happy to provide a letter of support to help with your application. We are also happy to assist with promoting a crowdfunding campaign, following a successful application. Further information can be found at the bottom of this page.

When will I need to pay the fee?

A deposit of 50% should be paid on acceptance of a residency, with the final 50% to be paid at least two months before your residency begins. You will be sent further information about payment methods and our cancellation policy if your application is successful.

Do you offer visa sponsorship for residents from outside of the EU?

We do not offer visa sponsorship. Residents from countries outside of the EU must ensure that the length of their residency falls within the period of presence in France authorised by a tourist visa.

Do I need to organise insurance ahead my residency?

We recommend that you take out insurance to cover changes to travel arrangements due to a Force Majeure and to be fully insured during your residency for medical and personal liability and damages (third party insurance).