Turning A Dream Into Reality

Colin and I got together in 2006. We were both living in rented accommodation and after a decade of house prices defying gravity in the UK, no family inheritance to give us a leg up and both of us being self employed creatives, we had absolutely no hope of getting on the property ladder.

‘Two creative sole traders with no savings walk into a bank and ask for a mortgage.’

No, there is no punchline, that’s the end of the joke!

More than ten years later we have a dream…

We want to build a retreat in the South West of France, which offers creative people a change of pace, and the space to think, play, develop and make new work.

And, how exactly do you intend to raise the capital for this business from absolute scratch then?

It’s certainly going to be a challenge, but we are now on a mission to turn this dream into reality and we have a three pronged plan of attack:

1: Spend less and save
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2: Make more and save
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3: Ask for help and save
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To quote one of our dearest friends:

‘Well Jesus ain’t gonna get you there!’

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