Ever since Holly Rhame arrived on the 31st January for a 4 week Artist Residency at Studio Faire, the studios have been bursting with colour and life!

Holly is a painter usually based in Manhattan, New York. She decided to visit Studio Faire to

‘expand my painting vocabulary, using colour and the figure to explore paint and its many textures’.

She brought a big roll of canvas with her and has cut it into irregular squares indicating that many of the images she created during her stay here will be used as sketches for much larger work. However, she now feels that many of these sketches hold something in their own right and it’s her intention to let them function as stand alone pieces.

‘I feel that these new paintings enrich the conversation between the more controlled marks in my drawing and the freedom hand painting has allowed.’

Here’s what Holly had to say about her time spent at Studio Faire:
The truly unique and valuable thing about Studio Faire is the way of life the residency offers. The Town, Colin and Julia all provide a sense of wonder and excitement about their environment that is extremely beneficial to making work. Time slows down in Nerac in the most productive way, letting you notice the details and giving you space to address them thoughtfully. Studio Faire was an incredibly important experience and helped me to see my practice in a new light.
Holly Knox Rhame

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