We have found another amazing place… could this be Studio Faire?

This property is in a pretty decent sized town with supermarkets, restaurants, bars, fabulous Boulangerie and a weekly market, so artists can be completely independent and soak up the local atmosphere, right on the doorstep.

It has generous living accommodation for four to six artists, two huge workshops (well why not? We can have a clean one and a dirty one!!), a fantastic mature garden (big trees for trapeze artists to hang from?) and two reception rooms just ripe for public events such as talks, presentations or exhibitions (pictured).

Because it’s in the town and there is a separate entrance from the street to the workshop, that space could also be offered up to local artists for use, encouraging national and international working partnerships to develop. It also offers us an additional opportunity to make further income from the business through a membership fee and by offering lessons for schools, colleges and others wanting to learn from our expertise or that of our visitors.

This premises even has a small gîte in the garden just ripe to be converted into a small one-bedroom property for Colin and I to live in with the hounds (… ok, not quite yet, it’s a glamorous chicken shed just now, but we have vision!).


It’s a whopper!


It’s costs a hell of a lot more than the last place we fell for, but it does already have light, heat and water (Look, they even left us a light bulb!). It really just needs decorating, concrete flooring coated with epoxy resin added to the workshops, big trees cut back a bit to let in more light and maybe a couple of other wee things, but that’s the worst of it we reckon.

We need to raise around £33k for the deposit and fees for a property of this scale with all this going for it (maybe we’ll even manage to get this one!) and we aim to do this through a *crowdfunding campaign throughout August. We will be pre-selling accommodation or accommodation plus tuition in one of our many skills or, if you need something more immediate, you can purchase a Live Bespoke Drum Solo.

As this will also be our home, we are saving and working like mad to ensure we can match fund this campaign (we don’t expect you guys to buy us a nice house!).


Yes, it is a whopper … but it’s ticking a hellovalotta boxes!


Does this sound like the one to you? Feel free to leave us your comments below or on Facebook.
Thanks for your interest and support!



The practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Crowdfunding is not about asking for money, it’s about inviting people to help make something special happen!