The Studio Faire Residency Fellowships will provide accommodation and practical support to four creative practitioners for a 2-week period in either 2025 or 2026.

Open to visual artists, makers, writers, musicians and all other creative disciplines at all stages of their careers, the emphasis is on enabling a period of research, development and production, as well as new experiences in a foreign culture, to those who are not in a position to self-fund.

Applicants can apply for funds of up to 1100€ to cover accommodation costs at Studio Faire.

Applicants are responsible for all other costs of the residency (materials, travel, subsistence, insurance etc). Studio Faire can support additional fundraising through Grants or Crowdfunding.

Studio Faire is an artist-run, independently funded space and the Studio Faire Residency Fellowships are administered and funded by us, with kind support from:

Kimberlea Bass
Julie Bell
Jocelyn Benford
Ellen Bleiwas
Circe Bosch
Gaylord Brewer
Catherine Butterfield
Susan Clark
Megan Deguzman
Maurine Fischel

Geralyn Stelle Gray
Ed & Angie Hahn
Pamela Heck
Kate Henderson
Lloyd Jerome
Susie Johnston
Sophia Lengle
Chris Lock
Berna Mason
Katie Mawson

Gabrielle de Montmollin
Gary Munckton
Ali Murray
Charlotte Paillieux
Cristina Pejoro
Abigail Schreiber
Zoe Shuttleworth
Hillary Simpson
Debra Weiss

Aims of the Residency Fellowships

To enable creative practitioners with limited means a period of research, development and production.

To enable adventure and the exchange of ideas.

How to apply

Full Application Guidelines will be announced on this page on: 31 January 2024.

Application deadline: Sunday 31 March 2024.

“…The experience will resound in my life and work for years to come, I am certain of it. I can’t wait to return…

Michelle Lewis

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