We have just launched a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo…Our mission is twofold.

Firstly, we’d love to offer Studio Faire Residency Fellowships to creatives with a low income, who desperately need the time to focus on a project without too much financial input.

Secondly, we need to save our workshop’s roof from collapse, and in so doing, massively extend the workspaces on offer to our residents.

Help us offer Residency Fellowships

One of our key objectives has always been to offer funded residencies and to date we have funded 8 ourselves. If you can help us now, we promise to offer funding to cover the costs connected with hosting creative practitioners who don’t have the ability to self-fund.

Maybe this is something that should be available on prescription…

Frances Ryan

Help Save Our Workshop

We only have one space suited to the creation of fine art, dance, or music in our small garage studio. However, connected to this is a 230m² barn, which desperately needs attention. Its not watertight and there is rotten woodwork and a large crack in the gable wall.

The roof’s days are numbered, and we’re in a hurry to fix it before it falls.

The quote for this work is 40,000€. An amount that is out of reach for us, as the income raised from residency fees only covers the mortgage and property tax payments and we continue with additional work to meet the other costs. The little we can put aside each month towards this growing concern will never be enough. We have asked the bank for a loan, we have asked the local council and the region for a grant, but our hopes of external assistance have been dashed.

By receiving the income for the fellowships now we will be able to fix the roof of this amazing space and utilise all of this fabulous property. We will also be able to increase our income through additional activities in this space too (through workshops, screenings, concerts, rehearsal space… we are full of ideas!). This will support us through the promised funded residency periods and beyond.

For every 2,200€ raised we will offer one 4-week fellowship.

Fellowships will take place between 2025-2030. If you would like to apply for a fellowship in future, sign up for our newsletter in the footer or find us on social media @studiofaire to be kept informed of the details.

“Studio Faire … a petri dish for rampant creative growth.”

Christina Burtner


A huge thank you for reading this far and for considering our request for help. Your ‘perk’ for helping through a donation or by sharing will be knowing that you have also helped an early-career talent, or mid-career creative in need of a financial boost, benefit from their own adventure at Studio Faire!

“…The experience will resound in my life and work for years to come, I am certain of it. I can’t wait to return…

Michelle Lewis