We have been laying down the foundations of a new business.

Studio Faire is a small enterprise we’ll be setting up in South West France. A business that will benefit many people over the coming years.

Normally setting up a new business involves raising finance or capital from investors to realise your business plan and get it to market.

Our new business model is based on passion, energy, ability, creativity, and understanding.

We are committing all of our spare time, savings and lifestyle to this new venture.

Our ‘start-up’ has consisted of 24 months of groundwork followed by finding the courage to jump in head first and relocate to France. Our daily market research continues.

Using crowdfunding as a way to raise some of the finance required for the business premises has been a real eye opener. Exciting, uncomfortable, rewarding and affirming.

The nature of crowdfunding requires transparency and absolute open honesty with regards your business and its needs. This process has been remarkable for me, it’s not what I am used to.

Both myself and Julia are extremely humbled by the response we’ve had and the commitment by so many friends and family members. With our IndieGoGo campaign coming to a close this weekend, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed, shared and pointed us in the right direction.

We now commit to paying it forward in every way we can!