Hee hee hee, we’ve made it into the local papers! Fame at last!!!


Here’s a wee excerpt:

Writing and Photograph by Céline Larigaldie. Translation by Google and Julia (sorry!)

Far from a luxury holiday resort, this couple wants to create a workspace in Nerac for visitors from afar.

Writers, photographers, painters … A couple of Scots want to open a place dedicated to them all in 2017.

Colin Usher and Julia Douglas fell in love with Nérac a year ago, during a journey in search of the place of their dreams. The Scottish couple, in their forties from Edinburgh, left four months ago, a van packed with their belongings and their two dogs under their arm: “We made a small Brexit before Brexit! But, please note, we are Scottish, not British! “. now living in Albret, they have a well-defined project in mind, which they have developed and are now trying to achieve at pace.

Colin Usher and Julia Douglas want to share their love for this region with creative people “it is very welcoming, with a special atmosphere,”… Their future artists’ residence already has a name, Studio Faire: a pun that involves the determination of two young people to realize their dream, but also their willingness to allow others to make [faire], to create. The Studio is expected to open in summer 2017 to welcome its first resident artists. Before then Colin Usher and Julia Douglas have much work to do! They have launched a crowdfunding campaign to balance their budget to fund this major project: https://studiofaire.fr/.