For the whole month of February, we are enjoying the company of Finnish Street Dancer, Lilli Huttula at Studio Faire as Dancer-in-Residence.

Lilli is an amazingly versatile dancer (as well as a dance teacher and choreographer), primarily focusing on three different street dance styles: house, hiphop and voguing.

She participates in all kinds of dance competitions whenever she gets a chance. Here she is participating in a vogue ‘hands performance / arms control’ category (which means you can only dance with your hands and arms) at Gloria Cultural Arena in Helsinki.


(She’s the one on the right… who WINS!)

One of her huge talents is this ability to improvise, or ‘freestyle’. This video shows another side to Lilli’s talents.

The challenge… One take. Only freestyle.


During Lilli’s 4 week residency at Studio Faire, she is predominantly focused on developing a new solo performance piece, which tells a story of a personal experience through a dance performance.

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Photo credit: Kaila Lingwood