As we round off our first year of residencies at Studio Faire, we would love to take just a brief moment to look back at a couple of the highlights in words and pictures. We would also like to say a HUGE thank you to all of YOU who have supported our development so far!

Back in 2016, 118 of you showed your faith in our project and us by contributing to our Crowdfunding campaign and we can’t thank you enough for that initial boost to our confidence and bank balance, which enabled us to grab the ideal property for Studio Faire. This place is really special and we love it more each day!

Two of these funders generously donated a one week funded residency to an artist in need and, last spring, we kicked things off here at Studio Faire with not 2 but 3 funded residencies. We awarded these to post-graduate students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee.

We also personally funded an artist to come for 1 month, who we selected from Visual Arts Scotland (VAS) & Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition: OPEN 2018. We will be offering this award again at the VAS Open exhibition, ALIGHT.

Sarah Gittins, our funded Artist-in-Residence selected at OPEN 2018.

Proof that what we have been striving for is needed, worthwhile and fulfilling!

Zoom forward to today and we have already welcomed a total of 15 residents! We have had the absolute pleasure of meeting an African American Choreographer, an Icelandic Composer, a Palestinian Printmaker, an Irish Illustrator, an English Poet, an American screen-writer, a fair few Scottish Artists and Designers and more. The diversity of nationalities and media has blown us away. Seeing creativity blossom in and around Studio Faire, just as we dreamed it would, has proved to us that what we have been striving for is needed, worthwhile and fulfilling!

We have also run two successful events to showcase the works of three of our residents, an Open Studio event here at Studio Faire, plus a film screening of two short films (in English with French subtitles) at our local bar La Taverne D’ Henri. If you would like to be invited to future Studio Faire events, please email us to let us know.

I won’t deny it, staying on top of the taxes and upkeep of a property this size has found us running to keep up from time to time and we have had to be extra creative in our income generation. To date other work this year has included: graphic design, web design, teaching English, gardening, decorating, copywriting, photographing chateaux and making films with a camera drone. The French say we are like Swiss Army knives, multifunctional!

Renovations on the property lurch forward at a frustratingly slow pace, but every chance we get to strip, scrub, fill, sand or paint has been grabbed. Our current focus being on the dining room and living room (studio), and The Usher Hall, which we are offering as a live/work space for next year.

The Usher Hall, our spacious new live/work space. Just needs a bit more furniture!

There have been so many amazing moments for us to look back on this year, but here are just 6 of our personal favourites:

Artists-in-Residence Louise Ritchie and Leena Nammari (background) who were awarded the Studio Faire Student Residency Award. Find out more…

Writers-in-Residence Vicky Morris and Justine Gaubert get photo bombed at Studio Faire. Find out more…

Summer Artist-in-Residence, Brigid Collins spent almost her entire residency in the garden. Find out more…

Dancer & choreographer in Residence, Robin Gee worked with Colin Usher and his drone to create a short film. This ‘sketch’ inspired her new film and you can watch the Trailer to see how.

Double page spread + the puff in The Scotsman. Find out more…

Our final Artist-in-Residence of 2018, Brittany Loar making the most of the ‘garage’ studio. Find out more…

Photography School at Studio Faire

Colin’s photo school had a great first year too. He welcomed 12 new students in 2018 from around the region teaching to both French & English speakers.

The ‘USHER HALL’ here at Studio Faire was full of laughter and the studio flash lights were popped many a time.

Our gardens as well as Nérac also provided a great canvas for the students to practice their new found skills and tips.

We look forward to welcoming many more enthusiasts and students to the photo school in the coming months.

Pictured: Léa from Nérac on a local photo excursion

And so ends our first year. It’s been a blast!
Wishing you all Joyeuses Fêtes and a creative 2019.

Julia and Colin