It’s great to hear that Kate Corroon Skakel’s stunning installation, ‘Murmurations’, which she created in part at Studio Faire, will get a second life in New York at Art Austerlitz from 19 June to 25 July.

Kate Corroon Skakel, Murmurations Installation

‘Kate Skakel’s installation Murmurations began with several videos she shot in Rome two years ago, of a flock of starlings moving in one synchronized rippling mass. (A crowd of starlings is technically a “murmuration.”) Skakel fashioned approximately 500 rectangles of blue fabric, hung them from strings, and will project the videos on them in a darkened room. The fabric, slightly stiffened with glue, responds to the slightest air currents, fluttering like a bevy of birds.’

Kate Corroon Skakel, Murmurations, Studio Faire

You may recall that this installation had its inaugural viewing at Studio Faire last March? Despite Kate having to flee France at the crack of dawn to avoid being stuck here by the first lockdown, she still managed to complete the installation, allowing Colin time to take these beautiful photographs. The piece has also been visited by over 500 viewers on Facebook live on our Studio Faire page.

Fortunately, this large installation (pictured here in one of our outbuildings) was easy to post, as it flattened down neatly into a little box, arriving in America safe and sound and ready to be hung again.

Wishing Kate the best of luck with this exhibition and if you’re in the area, get along to Art Austerlitz or alternatively, follow the developments on Instagram @kate.corroon.skakel and @artausterlitz

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