Saturday, 23 March at 3pm
Kiosque (à côté de la Chalet) Parc de la Garenne, Nérac.

On 23 March we invited our guests to join us for a one-off visual feast, devised by Scottish artist, Julie Duffy.

During her 4-week residency at Studio Faire, Duffy drew inspiration from her research into the dancer, choreographer, teacher and artist, Margaret Morris. In particular, from the ‘Margaret Morris Movement’ (MMM) and it’s crossovers with her own expertise in the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do.

From my research there is a certain symbiosis between the two art forms in terms of overall health and wellbeing as well as the descriptions of many of the exercises and rhythmic movements. 

On this special occaion, visitors were treated to a unique art installation, created specifically for this event by Duffy. Her ‘hopscotch’ art installation was brought to life during one 20-minute organised improvisational performance by two professional guest dancers and their son.

A real treat!

(top) print by Julie Duffy
(bottom) photo by Colin Usher

What Julie Duffy had to say about her 4-week residency at Studio Faire:

I spent four weeks at Studio Faire and it’s been four of the most fruitful weeks in developing my practice. I came here not knowing exactly what I wanted to do but knowing that I needed space, time and some new inspiration. Studio Faire and Nérac had this in spades! After a few days of getting my bearings and soaking up this new beautiful town it was into the studio and the ideas came quickly. Thanks to Julia and Colin’s passion and knowledge for the arts they knew of lots of different dance companies nearby that I might be interested in reaching out to, so I did. This resulted in me working with two professional dancers based in Mézin. This new working collaboration allowed me to discuss my research with them and hear more about what they do and their thoughts on dance. It was a kind of eureka moment with my practice.

Studio Faire is very much part of the town and thanks to the wonderful reputation Julia and Colin are developing I was able to stage a public performance in the heart of Nérac, being given the ok from the Mayor himself! Staging this performance and seeing the two professional dancers respond to my work is truly one of the most exciting moments in my career.

The environment Julia and Colin (along with Becca and Dougie) have created at Studio Faire is quite special. I felt completely at ease as soon as I arrived, and it quickly became my home away from home. I look forward to returning, not only for this artist retreat which is second to none but to catch up with all the new friends I’ve made in Nérac, and in particular Julia and Colin!

Julie Duffy


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