We have been extremely busy here at Studio Faire over the past couple of months hunting down the perfect property for creative residencies in the region and climbing the mountain of paperwork that inevitably ensues (the French really LOVE paper!).

We are desperately trying not to tell you about a particular property until we know for certain we can secure it, but we can say that, thanks to those of you who supported our crowdfunding campaign this Autumn and some frantic saving on our part, we have now paid an initial 5% deposit on an absolutely ideal premises!

However … We still have to secure a mortgage.

This is not so easy it turns out, as we are both self employed and have not been running our businesses in France for a year yet. We have until mid March to finalise all of this … or not, in which case our deposit will be returned to us and we will have to start the process all over again once we have one year’s worth of financial records.

Please wish us luck and send us some more patience, just incase we run out!

Wishing you all a joyeuses fêtes and bonne chance for the new year!

Julia and Colin