We have been very open and honest all along about the ups and downs of this adventure of ours (moving to France to buy a property to transform into a contemporary art centre) and we have done this mostly to keep friends, family and colleagues updated, and also to promote the business with the obvious goal that you will choose to come and stay at Studio Faire in the future sometime!

But we have also always had a private hope that we might inspire someone else to take a risk on something they wanted to achieve.

SO we were really, really pleased when we received this email from Lorraine & Gary Armstrong…

Firstly a BIG thank you to you both for inspiring us to continue with our farmhouse, which we also purchased this year! up until today we were selling it and sent off the mandate just 3 days ago! but your email to me today has changed that decision. My husband, read your article “Cracking eggs to make an omelette” & said to me ” if they can do it so can we!” secretly I was relieved because I thought we may regret selling it so quickly after just signing for it back on June 7th, 2017!!

We spent over 4 years on & off searching for our french dream, but family circumstances always stood in our way to commit to anything, but when we finally did just go for it we suddenly didn’t trust our judgement? Hearing your story changed that for us.

We will look forward to reading your next update on progress at Studio Faire.

Wishing them the best of luck with their project and a big thank you for letting us know about it!

A feel good story to lead us into a very Bonnes Fêtes.

Pictured: The Armstrong’s Christmas Tree at their NEW French home.