Due to the current crisis Studio Faire remains closed to residents and photography students. While this is indeed a truly sad state of affairs and certainly not what we had planned for this year, we have continued to be creative, to learn and make the best of having an empty house.

If we had residents living with us, would Colin have ever made it through those (painful) first steps of learning the banjo to master his first actual tune ‘Cripple Creek’?

… and would Julia have ever managed to sand down and paint an astonishing amount of dark faux wood panelling in the hall without causing accidental injury to an innocent visitor?

Work in progress (under the watchful eye of Becca)…
Nérac continues to entertain during winter walks, with the changes in colour and the river bursting its banks with regularity…

Fortunately, we have great friends nearby who have kept us from being completely reclusive. We have been sticking to seeing the same half a dozen friends in order to keep our contact minimal and, hopefully avoid the dreaded virus (so far so good!!!).

Two of these friends are the wonderful and talented Bill Law and Taffy Hornell, both Fine Artists and masters of Kintsugi, so we asked them if they would be kind enough to help us ‘mend’ Studio Faire with a touch of golden joinery on the fireplace in our Dining Room. You can see the full process here … and here is the stunning result…


We are now looking forward with great anticipation to our first residents arriving in 2021. Exactly when that will be is still uncertain, but with testing increasing and vaccines beginning to roll out, we know it will happen at least!

We are almost entirely booked up for 2021 now, but do have just two slots left if you are considering applying. The 3 weeks from 21 October – 10 November are suitable for all types of creative practitioner and we also have 1 week from 4 – 10 November best suited to a writer. Read all about our residencies here.

Until we meet again, wishing you…
Joyeux noël, bonne santé et bonne année!
Julia & Colin

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