Studio Faire plans to reopen its doors in March 2021, when, we hope things will have improved a little regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are more than aware that next year is still uncertain regarding how safe it will feel to travel and what restrictions will be in place, however, we will just have to see how things pan out and make informed decisions as the dates get closer.

Because we have been forced to postpone our 2020 residents to 2021, space is already extremely limited. Please find details of our remaining dates here. We are happy to take applications now for all of 2022 at our 2021 prices.

Our thoughts are with all of you who have been personally affected by this pandemic. We genuinely believe that when it is over, creative residencies will play a critical role in the healing process, giving people confidence to travel again to a clean and emotionally supportive venue, bridging intercultural understanding of the effects of this virus across the world and continuing to change the lives of the artists, writers and musicians involved … and all those they meet along the way.

Stay safe, stay strong and stay confident in our global recovery.

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