The Bureau
& Retro Bedroom



This combination of rooms is ideal for writers, screenwriters, musicians, photographers, filmmakers and designers working in all non-messy media. The Bureau has a large window, looking out over the garden and a polished wooden floor. The private double bedroom has a desk, offering a change of space for further work if desired.

The Bureau

The Bureau is a small office space (233 x 290cm) on the ground floor at the back of the house, with a view out over the large back garden.

It’s nicely tucked away, like a large cupboard under the stairs… an ideal hideaway for a writer, screenwriter, designer, maker, photographer or musician.

This room offers privacy, with the added benefit of being able to watch squirrels chase around mature trees whenever you need a moment to ponder.

The room is newly decorated and has a desk, with lamp and chair, and an armchair and coffee table.

Images of past residents Olivia Jampol (top) and Jess Dunn.
Jess Dunn, Screenwriter and Director, Studio Faire, 2022. Photo: Colin Usher
The Bureau, Studio Faire
The Bureau, Studio Faire

The Retro Bedroom

This double bedroom is cosy yet still spacious (450 x 270cm), with an antique stove in the corner (no longer in use), a period wardrobe and modern desk and chair.

Situated on the first floor at the front of the house (road side, so you can hear cars passing, but the road does calm to almost no traffic through the night) with shutters on the window, which not only block out light and sound, but also help control the high temperatures in the mid-summer months.

As the room was last decorated in the mid 1960s, the decor is vintage!