The Garage Studio
Bedroom with a Garden View



This combination of rooms is ideal for the Visual Artist or Musician, providing a studio space with a North facing window, blank wall and sink, and a bedroom with large windows facing the garden and a small desk for research and writing or sketching. It would also suit a Writer or Maker, if all they require is a room with a bed, a desk and a view of trees and sky.

The Garage Studio

The Garage studio is perfect for creating *all types of works of art. It has a large North facing double door so good natural light during the day and no direct sunshine, so not dazzling or too hot mid summer. This door faces the road, so there is a little noise as cars go past, but it’s not a fast road and there’s barely any foot traffic.

Trestle tables, easels and a table top easel are provided and there is sink for cleaning out brushes and so forth. There is a blank white wall (240cm wide), suitable for taping up works on paper and the centre of the room has a concrete floor, suitable for laying out larger works. It’s about 3m wide and nearly 8m long.

Though this space is offered to you for your sole use as a studio, residents will pass through it from time-to-time to access other rooms in the property or to use the fridge and washing machine, also situated within the space. Laundry will be done at a time that suits you, to ensure you are not disturbed by it’s sound.

Studio Faire, Garage Studio (Feat Cassandra Shier Hasanov)
*Materials or processes which may cause physical illness or initiate fires are not permitted for use at Studio Faire, this includes toxic pigments, paint thinners, spray paints and flammable or combustible products. Such chemicals as these are also extremely hard to dispose of safely, in accordance with French law, and therefore could cause environmental danger if disposed of incorrectly. Our aims are to safeguard the property, our resident’s health and the planet as best we can, rather than to stifle creativity!
Studio Faire, Garage Studio (Feat Brittany Loar)
Studio Faire, Garage Studio (Feat Rachael Van Dyke)

A Bedroom with a Garden View

This double bedroom benefits from being at the back of the house with a view over the gardens through two large windows. There is gallons of light as it is a South facing garden.

There are shutters on both windows which not only block out light and sound, but also help control the high temperatures in the mid-summer months.

This room has a lovely marble fireplace, built in wardrobe and desk.

Recently redecorated and now waiting patiently for some artwork to be hung on its walls!