The ‘Living Room’ Studio
& Cosy Double Bedroom



This combination of rooms is ideal for writers, screenwriters, musicians, dancers, photographers, filmmakers and designers working in all clean media. The studio space has two large windows, a glass door into the garden and a polished wooden floor and the private double bedroom has a desk, offering a change of space for further work if desired.

The ‘Living Room’ Studio

The ‘Living Room’ studio is situated on the ground floor. It’s a large room (575 x 517cm) and has the most stunning marble fireplace and polished wooden floor.

It has two windows onto the front of the house (road side, so there is a little noise as cars go past, but it’s not a fast road and there’s barely any foot traffic) and one glass door out onto the garden, so plenty of natural light from the North and East. There are shutters on the windows and door, so if you want to shut out the world, this is easily achieved!

Cosy Double Bedroom

This double bedroom is spacious, with a period wardrobe and modern desk and chair.

Situated at the front of the house (road side, so you can hear cars passing, but rarely a siren. The road calms to almost no traffic through the night). There are shutters on the window, which not only block out light and sound, but also help control the high temperatures in the mid-summer months

It has not been modernised yet, so it still holds the shadows of past lives in it’s subtle 1960s wallpaper.