Brooklyn based, multimedia artist, Kate Corroon Skakel will be in residence at Studio Faire for 4 weeks throughout March.

Kate’s plan is to create a site specific installation out of transparent fabrics inspired by the property at Studio Faire. Continually fascinated by the way people take up space, her goal will be to create a ‘woman’s space’ by surrounding the viewer with a material that has stereotypically feminine qualities, being malleable, soft, fragile,..

My work is an exploration of vulnerability, intimacy and softness. These concepts are often times prescribed to women and used as a way to subjugate the “fairer sex.” In fact, an ability to move through your feelings, and understand and communicate your fears, traumas, hope and dreams is what gives us not only our strength, but our humanity. I aim to exalt fragile and delicate things, in order to reflect our own delicate nature.

Kate Corroon Skakel

We’re excited to see how this develops and hope you are too! Please keep an eye on our social media for updates.