It’s been some week here in the Lot-et-Garonne, with the launch of the CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN (the generosity of contributors astounding us!), a DRIVE the full length of France to England to sell the car (a blog about that coming soon), an article in the SUD OUEST (the local newspaper) AND an article in THE SCOTSMAN!

Our Creation Story (not my title!)… excerpt:


‘Seeking a challenge, artist Julia Douglas and drumming photographer husband Colin Usher explore France’s south-west.

If you are interested in visiting France because it is famed for its high-quality cuisine and wine, laid back lifestyle, bustling markets, lush landscape and an extremely good chance of warm sunshine from early Spring to late Autumn, then Lot-et-Garonne will tick all your boxes.

You’ll need to be organized though … even the shops that sell lunch here close for a two-hour lunch!

Colin and I started planning our move to France in 2014. We were living a nice wee life in our rented cottage in the countryside in East Lothian, but were feeling frustrated that a good chunk of our income was paying off someone else’s mortgage.

We were also eager for a new challenge in our work life, a new venture that we could really get our teeth into, that built on our passions, knowledge and contacts, that was sociable and helped other people develop new skills and ideas, and also, that would be an investment for our future.


Cliquez ici to download the PDF or read online here: Travel: Getting creative in France’s south-west