The STUDIO FAIRE policy on affiliate links:

Throughout this site you will find occasional links to things that we recommend, because we find them interesting or useful and hope that you will too.

If the things we are recommending have an affiliate program, we will sign up for it (the recommendation will come first, not the affiliate link opportunity!), so, if you like our recommendation and buy a product or service through one of our links we will make a small commission. This commission will be used to directly assist us on our journey to build a creative retreat in South West France, which you can then come and stay in… what goes around comes around, you see?!

We will pop some of our key affiliate links in the sidebar too so they are omnipresent but clearly marked under an ‘Affiliate Links‘ heading.

All of our affiliate links are to UK sites at present, but this may change when we get to France depending on how our readers develop.

Clicking on an affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything, but if you purchase anything as a result of clicking on that link, we get the commission and you help us move forward towards out goal.

If you prefer to buy without us getting a commission, don’t click on the link, just Google the product or service and we won’t be connected. Affiliate programmes use a Cookie to link us together.

Comprenez-vous ?

If you have any questions about our affiliate links, please do email us or facebook message us and we will be happy to speak to you further about any of our recommendations.




Studio – (noun) a room where an artist, photographer, sculptor, etc. works.

Faire – (transitive verb) to make or to do

Whatever you want to make…do it in France at Studio Faire.

Tout ce que vous voulez faire…faire en France au Studio Faire.